Wood Fence Styles for Modern Homes

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Wood fences can be beautiful, but with so many different styles, what should you choose for your modern home? There are various reasons why people put up fences in their homes, whether it be for containment of certain areas, decoration, privacy, or a combination of the mentioned reasons. The style you choose will depend on your primary objectives. This guide will take you through wooden fence styles, as well as things to consider when planning your fence project.

Wooden Fence StylesWood Fence

Styles of modern wooden fencing include rustic barn rails and flat vertical planks mixed with latticework. When it comes to replacement and repairs, both have their own set of issues. Wood, on the other hand, is a versatile material that can be cut and styled in a variety of ways. The country-styled wooden fence is more for show than to keep animals or children safe. A fence with closer slats can provide seclusion while also preventing animals and children from wandering away. Whatever the style choice, the fence not only needs to be functional but appealing to the eyes too.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Wooden Fences

In almost every home, you’ll find a fence or wall. They are used to enhance security and privacy in your yard, keep children out of danger, and to create an aesthetically pleasing exterior. While wood is one of many materials that can be used in construction, it is still very popular today and will remain so in years to come. The appeal of wood is that it adds a unique touch to your property that you don’t get with other materials.

Other Things to Consider

We do have other factors to consider other than the style – price and durability. Sometimes damages just happen, and this is an expense that needs to be considered when fencing. Even though a wooden fence is made of natural materials, it must be protected from rot and other damaging elements. The cost of maintenance needs to be minimal if it will be an ideal style of fencing for many years.

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