How about Backyard Camping?

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Colorado is bustling with (wild)life these days. The arrival of spring has gotten everyone, people and animals alike, giddy with the thought of frolicking in the great outdoors, attracting a mate, and allowing our translucent white winter skin to get a little exposure of the sun (safely!) Now is the time to grab your camping gear and head out into the wild and enjoy Colorado for all it’s worth. Unfortunately, we don’t all have time for camping as much as we would like.

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Turn your backyard into a campsite. Pitch a tent and let your kids sleep outside with their friends.

Camping shouldn’t have to be hard, but before you can get to all the camping fun and activities, the campfire, the marshmallows, the swimming, hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching you have to plan, pack, drive, unpack, pack, and drive. For busy families, a simple camping trip can become quite the ordeal. But, what if we told you there is a way to eliminate a lot of the planning, packing and traveling and get straight to the fun of camping? Keep reading.

Your garden is just a campsite with a boundary fence

All you need is a tent and a backyard, and you’ve got the main elements to a camping adventure. At least, as far as the kids are concerned. Pitching a tent in your backyard, making a campfire in your BBQ pit, roasting some hot dogs and smores is all you need for your kids to feel like they are exploring a whole new world. They may recognize your garden in the daylight, but as the sun sets, your garden is filled with new shadows, noises from the nocturnal animal life waking up, and the light of the moon gives way to bedtime campfire stories.

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Let your kids find their inner explorer without leaving the safety of your backyard.

For kids, going to bed alone in the tent, snuggled in a sleeping bag with a few night lights, lanterns, and flashlights to help them see, is an adventure in and of itself. While the kids test their newfound sense of independence, you can watch them from inside your house. While they are testing their bravery, you are just far enough away to let them fend for themselves, but close enough for when a hooting owl or the scuffling of a raccoon sends them screaming out of the tent and back into the house.

Custom boundary fences for your Colorado backyard campsite

The greatest family memories come from shared activities, vacations, and adventures. But, there’s nothing in the “making great memories” rulebook that says you have to travel further than your backyard.

So, pitch a tent and start making memories!

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