Fence-Off: Timeless Wood vs. 80’s Vinyl

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The white picket wooden fence has ruined it for all other fences!

How can a cost-effective vinyl fence ever live up to the symbolism of the white picket fence? The white picket fence is a universal sign that you have achieved the American dream.  However, just like the American dream, the white picket fence may be idyllic on the surface, but not so underneath and it doesn’t last forever. This is where the vinyl fence steps in and takes a bow.

Choosing a boundary fence for your Colorado home or business

The white wooden picket fence is timeless. It is also high maintenance and susceptible to wear and tear.

Until the ‘80s, the wooden fence basically had a monopoly on all residential fences. But along came a new material for the fence industry: vinyl. Durable, low-maintenance vinyl. All of a sudden, all the natural enemies that we were constantly battling to keep the integrity of our wooden fences – termites, fungus, dry rot, and fire – were no match for the vinyl fence. Vinyl fences laugh in the face of termites, fungus and extreme weather. If you’re looking longevity, you want to go with a vinyl option.

If you just want a fence that last and that you never have to deal with again, then vinyl also takes the prize in this category. Okay, so maybe it will get a little dirty and require a quick hose down every now and then. But, you can just wait for the Colorado spring showers to take care of that for you. Wood requires some cleaning and maintenance for it to retain its youthful luster. If you don’t have time to clean, treat and stain your wooden fence on a regular basis, then the vinyl fence is still your best bet.

Why is anyone buying wooden fences anymore, you ask? Because wooden fences cost less than vinyl fences! The vinyl fence is going to cost you a pretty penny, but once you’ve made the initial investment you should be able to sit back and relax and enjoy your fence forever. The classic wooden fence won’t cost you as much up front, but with all the maintenance requirements and the need to eventually repair or replace your fence will eventually make the vinyl fence come out ahead…again.

But cost and maintenance aside, when it comes to the aesthetics the wooden fence will come out on top every time. There is no substitute for the classic wooden fence. The Western Red Cedar fence is probably the number one choice of Colorado homeowners who are looking to put in an attractive and cost-effective boundary fence. Yes, you have to work a little harder to keep it looking pristine, but nothing is more picturesque and tasteful than a real wooden fence surrounding your home.

Choosing a wooden or vinyl fence for your Colorado home

Vinyl is costly but will last forever. And vinyl fences come in numerous options, including some that mimic the look of natural wood. Decorative vines are a great way to bring a little life and character to a vinyl fence.

Nowadays there are so many varieties of vinyl and wooden fences, the choice really comes down to budget and personal taste. Whatever you choose, your local fence supplier and installation expert can help you make the perfect choice for your home or business.

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