Pools Can be Fun… but also Dangerous for Your Children!

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Cover photo: Ameristar Montage Pool Safety Fence

Can we have a pool, mom? Can we have a pool, dad? Can we have a pool, please?

That would be so cool! It is every child’s dream to have a pool in the backyard for spring and summertime fun. Children drowning in that pool are every parent’s nightmare. If you caved to your children’s demand for a backyard pool, make sure you install the right safety fence around your pool to prevent a horrific accident.

The best pool safety fences in Colorado

Ameristar is leading the industry in decorative metal fences for swimming pool applications with ornamental metal fences designed with the safety and security of your pool and your greatest assets, your children.
Photo courtesy of Ameristar

No child should ever be left unattended by the pool. But your children are drawn to pools like magnets, so you need to make sure that if you are not watching, your child cannot get to the pool by him or herself. When the pool beckons, your children will walk through fire to get there, and only a fence that completely surrounds your pool can keep them out. You also want to keep your neighbors kids out as well, because a pool is not just enticing to your own children, every child in the neighborhood will be drawn to the pool shimmering like diamonds in the sunlight. How can anyone resist a pool, especially now that the days are getting warmer here in Colorado?

Great looking, functional safety fences for your Colorado pool

When you go to choose a pool safety fence, of course, you want it to be aesthetically pleasing and match the style of your home. Our team has provided Colorado homes with quality, decorative metal fences by Ameristar to keep you pool safe and secure and childproof.

Decorative and functional pool safety fences for Colorado homes

Echelon has the appealing look of a traditional wrought-iron fence, but without the complicated and expensive maintenance demanded by old-fashioned wrought-iron. Photo courtesy of Ameristar

A good pool safety fence should also be “climb-resistant”. Your kids will climb out of windows, through doggy doors and prickly bushes to get to a pool. They will also try to climb the fence if possible. With our pool safety fences, we make it near impossible to climb over.

A good pool safety fence also has no more than 4 inches between each vertical metal bar. This prevents even the smallest child from slithering through the bars and reaching the pool. A metal fence with vertical bars is the best way to go. Chain-link fences may save you a few bucks, but this type of fence is easy to climb. Each little link provides the perfect foothold for tiny little feet to climb.

Talk to us about making the gate self-closing and self-latching. That way you never have to worry that you may have left the gate open, inviting every child in the neighborhood in for an unsupervised swim. The gate should also be taller than your tallest child so that they cannot reach the latch themselves.

We know how important safety is, especially when it comes to your children. Make the pool a place of fun and great memories, not tragedy.




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