Reinforcing A Vinyl Fence

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Vinyl fence installations can be time-consuming, however when done right, your residential fence Denver can last for years and be entirely maintenance free. You never have to be worried about painting, rotting, rusting or scraping. As mentioned, a correctly installed vinyl fence can last for many years while adding to your property’s aesthetics.

Causes of Vinyl Fence Wobble

One of the primary reasons why vinyl fences become unstable and wobble is because of incorrect installation or inferior quality base materials. These residential fences need concrete and rebar reinforcement every 7 to 8 feet which extend below the fencing posts into the ground for an extra foot, securely holding the vinyl fence in place.

If the concrete has not been allowed to set well during installation, it can develop cracks and result in a wobbly fence down the road. Sometimes, stormy weather or a heavy impact may destabilize the fence, making repairs necessary.

Tips To Follow in Vinyl Fence Reinforcement

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Vinyl fences provide a great elegant look.

If you have noticed that the fence is unstable, has a wobble, or if the posts are leaning forward or backward, you must address the issues without delay. Neglecting repairs can only cause further deterioration and damage to the vinyl fence slats, resulting in more expensive repairs. Here are some steps to reinforce your residential fence Denver:

  • If you have noticed cracks in the concrete base, you might have to dig out portions of it and pour some more concrete around it.
  • Reinforcing a damaged or shaky post with metal brackets at the base, can improve the fence’s stability.
  • Metal inserts can be used in the post or in the planks depending on which ones seem weak.
  • Fence post menders are another good option.
  • You can also install fence post spikes to improve the resilience of the structure.

While you are carrying out these repairs or reinforcement in one section of the fence, check the rest of it for signs of damage or cracks in the concrete base near the posts. Inspect the gate and the hardware and fix that too while you are reinforming your vinyl gate. This will keep the entire structure functioning correctly for longer.

Carrying out timely repairs will not only enhance the lifespan of the installation, but improve its appearance and condition too. It’s also good to consider hiring professional fencing contractors for these repairs. For information on our services, please contact us and we can help.

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