Tips For Maintaining Your Fence In The Summer

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A fence provides security, controls access, and ensures you have some privacy. Both residential and commercial properties can benefit from them. You need to make sure these structures are properly installed and maintained. Most commercial and residential fences require yearly maintenance. Summer is the ideal time for this purpose because the weather is more favorable for outdoor repairs like fence maintenance.

Summer Care Tips for Wooden Fences

Wood is one of the most popular choices for residential properties. This material adds a rustic charm while still providing some security and privacy. Here are some ways you can maintain a wooden fence in the summer: 

  • Horizontal Wood Fence

    Regular maintenance will boost your fence’s lifespan.

    Removing Dirt and Debris –Dirt and debris around the fence encourage plant or weed growth. These plants can attach themselves to the fence panels and compromise the wood’s structural integrity, and you must remove it altogether. 

  • Washing – Use a power washer to remove all accumulated grime on the fence panels. This grime can be corrosive and weaken the material. Regular cleaning can help reduce the damage and ensure your fences last longer. 
  • Staining – Staining the wood doesn’t just improve its appearance, but also protects it from the outdoor elements. Sanding and staining the fence once every one or two years can help. 

A properly maintained wood fence will last for anywhere between 5 and 30 years based on the type of wood. Cedar is the most durable, while pine won’t last as long. 

Summer Care Tips for Chain Link and Wrought Iron Fences

Chain link and wrought iron are two of the most popular commercial and industrial fences. They are durable, resilient, easy to maintain, and provide excellent security. Here’s a look at some tips to help you keep chain link and wrought iron in good condition through proper fence maintenance:

  • Rust-Resistant Finish – Add a rust-resistant finish to the chain link or wrought iron fence to ensure it can handle humid or wet conditions better.
  • Wash – Wash and wax your chain link or iron fences regularly to remove all corrosive dust from the surface. Use soapy water to remove accumulated grime or stubborn stains.
  • Oil or Wax – Oil or wax all joints to ensure they are flexible and don’t develop a coating of rust. Waxing is necessary to protect links from friction and the damage caused by it. 

If your fence is too damaged, you may want to hire a professional to inspect and repair it. A damaged fence will leave your property vulnerable to intruders. Carry out a full inspection and maintenance of your fence in the summer to ensure it lasts for a long time.

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