Don’t Fence Me In! SEE THROUGH Fences from Boundary Fence

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Don’t block your amazing view of Denver with our See Through Fences by Denver Boundary Fence and Supply Co

Do you need a fence?  Do you have a view you don’t want to block?  Maybe you like the expansive feel of no boundary lines, but due to family or pets, you need a fence.  We have solutions for you!  With our various options in fencing supplies and styles, we have fences to suit your needs.  Several types of fences fit into this category of transparent fences.


If you need a fence, but don’t want to see it, try to camouflage it.  Select materials that blend into the surroundings.  Cedar is a great choice, particularly if you want a natural look.  The above fence is a split rail with cable.  The cable lends itself to transparency, and the wood looks natural in its surroundings.


Sometimes all you need is just to adjust color and the fence disappears.  This lattice fence is built with 4×4 posts and 1×1 lattice. The lattice frames but can be viewed through.  Painted a darker neutral color, it blends into the surroundings making the fence disappear and the natural elements around it take front stage.  Darker colors are easier to see through than lighter colors.  If you have a wrought iron fence, and you prefer privacy, you would want to opt for a white wrought iron over black.


Another way to make a fence appear less noticeable is to curve the fence boundary with landscape, as in the photo.  If you have a yard that contains natural elements, which would be difficult to work around, work with it!  This allows the eye to follow the lines of nature, rather than a harsh straight line of a fence.

You can always call Boundary Fence and Supply Co for free estimates, and our associates will work with you to fulfill all of your fencing needs.  With over 42 years of experience in Denver, our customers can depend on quality of supplies and business integrity.  We set the standard in residential, commercial, and industrial fencing.  We look forward to serving you and meeting all your fencing needs!



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