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Always Wanted a Garden?  Boundary Fence Can Help!

Have you ever flipped through the pages of a design magazine salivating over the outdoor images of beautiful gardens encompassed about with a picture perfect fence?  Boundary Fence and Supply Co will help you plan that picture perfect garden into reality!  This is the first in our two-part summer series on planting your summer garden, customized for Denver.  You don’t need acreage to create a landscape garden, all you need is a spot of ground, or even a patio!

Planning A Picture Perfect Garden

Stake Out Your Ground

Stake out the ground you wish to use a garden.  A corner piece of property or along the border of an existing fence would be a key place to provide a garden as a focal point in the yard.  Choose a spot that will provide balance and a focal point in your existing space.

Garden Entrance

Determine where your gate will be after you have decided on the plot of ground for your garden area.  The entrance to a garden deserves as much thought as to the main house.  A nearly hidden gate provides an intimate setting in the outdoor space, while still offering a glimpse of dramatic greenery.  The wire and wood gate above is made out of 12.5 gauge galvanized steel wire with 2×4 in spacing and is nearly hidden by bushes.  The way this gate blends into the background makes the garden first priority to the observer, yet practical, keeping small curious animals outside.

Type of Garden

Will it be an ornamental garden, or a vegetable garden?  Plan what the purpose will be for your garden.  If an ornamental garden, be sure to plan whether you desire evergreens or a seasonal garden.  Perhaps you could incorporate both.  Well planned garden designs typically incorporate a few evergreens into the landscape for borders.  If it is a bordering garden, a garden in a corner or bordering a fence, plan to have the tallest plants in the back, with mid-sized plants in front of the tall plants and shorter plants or smaller flowering bushes in the far front with a ground cover.

Landscaping Your Dream Garden Escape

Gardens and fencesSelect your plants based on where they will grow best in your garden.  Consider the soil and whether the area is in shade or sun before determining which plants will be planted.  Match your soil with that preferred by your plants.  Is your soil acidic, sandy, or rocky?  Having your soil tested saves for disappointment in the future, in knowing what plants to plant where!

Stay tuned, our next post will cover the specific plants ready for planting now that do best in Denver!  With over 42 years of experience in Denver, our customers can depend on quality of fence types and business integrity.  We set the standard in residential, commercial, and industrial fencing.  Come in for your free estimate.  We look forward to serving you and meeting all your fencing needs!


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