Everything To Know About Chain Link Fences

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What To Know About Chain Link Fences!

Chain link fences are a world unto themselves. With the technical verbiage of brace bands, rail caps, tension bands, it can leave one feeling ill-equipped to make an educated decision.  Today, Boundary Fence and Supply Company will tell you everything you need to know to make the informed decision for your chain link fence!

The Skeleton

The skeleton of the chain link fence is made of posts and rails.  The post and rails provide the basic structure for a chain link fence.  The pieces holding the framework together are called caps.  Once the mesh has been stretched across the skeleton, a metal bar, the tension bar, is woven into the end of the mesh and attached at the end posts with tension bands.

Chain Link Fence Dog KennelWhat To Consider

When purchasing a chain link fence, there are three factors to consider; The gauge of wire, size of mesh, and type of coating.

The Mesh

The mesh is a measurement of how far apart the parallel wires are in the mesh.   This is a gauge of how much steel is in the chain link.  The smaller the diamond, the more steel is in the fabric.  Steel is the strongest mesh.  Aluminum is lighter.  A lighter chain link mesh will not be able to undertake the wear and tear of heavy winds and influences. A light mesh is typically used for light temporary needs.

Gauge of Wire

The gauge of wire is the diameter of the wire and shows how much steel is in the fabric of the fence.  The smaller the gauge number, you know the chain link is made of more steel and higher quality wire.  It also shows the strength of the wire.  Common gauges are 13, 12 ½, 11 ½, 11, 9, and 6.

Type of CoatingGreen Dog Kennel

The coating is what protects and beautifies the steel wire.  Zinc is the most common protective coating.  Zinc protects from rust by developing a white oxidation layer. Aluminum is also used to coat chain link fences, although aluminum coating can result in rust.  You can also have color to be included in the coating.  Speak with one of our fence specialists for more details!

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