Benefits of Cedar Fencing

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Wooden fences come in an array of materials and finishes, that complement and embellish your Denver home. In Colorado, cedar has always been a favorite for its genuine beauty and durability. Let’s take a deeper look into this natural material so you can decide if it is the right option for your home.


custom cedar fences in Denver metro, ColoradoCedar is one of the most durable woods.  This wood offers great performance against the elements, making it durable over a long period of time.  You won’t worry about warping or shrinkage with this fence, also a credit to the durability of this material.  Cedar is also fully bio-degradable and is an extremely economically friendly choice.

Bug Repellant

Cedar contains natural oils, which act as a natural deterrent against rotting and insect infestation.  In addition to being a natural deterrent, cedar does not require chemical treatments!

Temperature Moderator

Seems unbelievable, however, cedar can help temper the extremes of winter and summer!  In winter, air pockets inside the wood help block cold gusts of wind.  In summer, those air pockets help dissipate heat. Cedar will not get hot to the touch in the heat of summer; it will remain cool to the touch, even in direct sunlight!

Sound Barrier

Yes, it’s true, cedar helps block sound!  A solid plank cedar fence forms a highly effective sound barrier, blocking up to 70% of sound!  This is almost the same amount of sound cement blocks, not to mention that it is a lot more beautiful.

The Cons

The major conflict with cedar fencing is deciding whether or not to stain.  One drawback to not staining is that the fence will fade and turn gray.  Cedar is one of the more expensive options, but it does hold its own over time!

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