4 Styles of Wooden Fences to Consider

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Many people like the idea of fencing their residential property. These installations improve the safety and security of your home while creating a neat and manicured look on your property.

You can mark your premise’s boundary lines, enhancing its curb appeal. While there are distinct benefits to installing wood boundary fences, you must also choose the right style to match your home’s architectural elements.

Wood Boundary Fence Styles

Some common fencing styles include:

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    A Western Red Cedar wooden boundary fence is perfect for the Colorado home.

    Picket Fence – This is a classic and timeless style, and the features can be 3-4 feet in height. The pointy pickets discourage climbing, and the raindrops trickle off them without gathering on the fence. Since the shape repels water, your picket fence will last longer.

  1. Post and Rail Fences – This type of fence is great for a simple, clean, and traditional look. It is also typically 3-4 ft. tall and lends an elegant look to the outdoor spaces of your property.
  1. Wood Lattice Fencing – With their aesthetically intricate crisscross lattice patterns, these fences are generally taller than 4 ft. They are used for specialty areas in the backyard and garden and are not a full boundary fence. They provide privacy while allowing air and light to filter through and become a great solution for climbing plants and vines.
  1. Vertical Board Fence – This is a classic taller fence with staggered horizontal boards allowing for air, while providing privacy. The features are better suited for a boundary fence as they are solid and sturdy. 

Custom Boundary Fence

Because each house is different, you need to select wood boundary fence styles that work best for you. Pick something durable, stylish, practical, and functional. Speak with fencing professionals and get their advice on the matter. They will also give you all the information you need about the different fencing styles and the wood species you can opt for. This will help you make a better informed decision about the type of fence you can choose.

Look for an experienced residential fencing contractor, as they would be able to meet your requirements perfectly. Skilled operators will keep your requirements in mind while offering solutions within your budget. We are a leading company in this industry and offer the best services at cost-effective price points. Feel free to contact us for an estimate, and our team will come up with the best solutions and provide you with a quote.

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