Having a Lush Green Garden and Watering it, Too!

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You can save water and have a beautiful green garden

We should always be thinking about saving water. Even though it seems like we have plenty here in Colorado, we cannot take it for granted. On the other hand, having a lush green garden is something every homeowner looks forward to when Spring is near. So, how do you keep an award-winning garden and save water at the same time? Here’s how.

Having a lush garden and saving water is like having your cake and eating it, too. It’s almost too good to be true, but being considerate of your planet doesn’t mean you have to let your garden go brown, or start looking towards silk plants or cacti to fill your flower beds.

Gardening and water conservation tips for Colorado home owners

Now is the time to put your homemade, nutrient-rich, mulch to work in your spring garden. Photo by: By Dvortygirl, via Wikimedia Commons

Use your homemade mulch to build healthy, absorbent soil

Speaking of filling your flower beds, minimizing the need to water your plants start with building healthy soil. Remember how you raked up all your autumn leaves and turned them into mulch and compost? Now is the time to reap the fruits of that labor. Adding your mulch to the soil in your flower beds will help absorb and retain water. This means that you can water less frequently, thus saving water without compromising the health of your plants.

Of course, some plants are thirstier than others, so if you’re going to water conservation, as well as beauty, talk to your local nursery about the best plants for saving water, as well as the optimal spot to plant them in your garden.

Gardening tips for Denver metro, CO

Using a watering system that soaks water directly into your soil will save you more water than the old-fashioned watering can.

“Soaking” watering systems save water

Instead of watering your plants with a hose, look into a more eco-friendly watering system. Systems that soak water directly into your soil will minimize the amount of water that you lose to evaporation as it sits on the surface of your soil.

Most people would also recommend catching and saving rainwater to use in your garden during dry spells. However, we should remind you all that it is currently illegal to save rainwater in Colorado. The good news is that any rain that falls directly on your plants and lawn is yours to keep. So, make sure that your flower beds are shielded too much, and will catch some precious water when it falls from the sky.

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