My Vinyl Gate is Wobbling and I Don’t Know What to Do!

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You may have noticed that one of your vinyl gates has started to wobble over the past few months. That’s not normal, and you need to take action before the problem gets worse, and something happens to it — or even someone! In this guide, we’ll cover what caused the gate to start wobbling, how to fix it, and how to ensure it never happens again. Let’s get started!

Make Sure All the Connections are Tight

If you installed your vinyl fence yourself, chances are pretty good that you may have missed a screw or two along the way. If it’s a fairly simple installation with just one post holding up each rail, it should be easy enough to tighten everything up. If you can tighten any screws by hand, then you probably need a power drill with an attachment designed for tightening large screws (like a drill bit with an Allen wrench in it). Use that bit to make sure that every screw along your gate post is nice and tight.

Fence Posts Might Need Augmentation

It may be that your vinyl fence posts are in such bad shape, or your property has shifted so much that you need to replace a few of them. The good news is that replacing one of these fence posts is an easy fix. The bad news is it’s probably not just as simple as digging a hole and inserting a new post; you might have some more work ahead of you.

Screws May Need Tightening

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If your fence seems loose in one area, check for loose screws first. The problem may be a simple fix, such as tightening one or two loose screws. And if that’s not it, then you might need to replace some of your hardware (bolts) with stronger ones. If that’s still not it, then it could mean a few things: The posts may be bent or cracked; there might be something wrong with your foundation, or there could be settling around your home.

Gate Hinges Might Be Loose

If your vinyl gate still hasn’t been fixed, you might want to check that all of your hinges are screwed in tightly. If they are loose, that could be causing some issues.

Call in an Expert

When it comes to complex projects, like installing a new gate, it’s best not to take matters into your own hands. Instead, hire a professional company who will not only fix your gate but also ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want in terms of design and safety. The last thing you want is for your overstressed gate to come crashing down when there are kids running around or dogs scampering about. Be safe, people!

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