Timeless Long-Lasting Wood Fences

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A wooden fence can typically last for a minimum of 15 years, but it needs to be maintained regularly. Some wood species can last for longer than this, while others may begin to show signs of wear sooner. The longevity and durability of your wood fences will hinge on the material, installation quality, and maintenance.

While selecting wood fences, focus on durability and function. Some wood varieties to choose from include cedar, spruce, pine, etc. Many people prefer cedar over other varieties as it can last for 15-30 years, depending on how much you care for it. Spruce fencing has a comparatively shorter lifespan and will last for 4 to 7 years, while pine fences last for approximately 5-12 years.

Which Styles Of Wood Fences Are The Longest Lasting?

As you can see, there is a variety of wood species to choose from, and you must pick the material carefully. Some aspects to consider for a long-lasting wooden fence include:

  • Look for pressure-treated and acclimated wood.
  • Locally sourced wood can endure the local climate and other environmental factors, like bugs and pests, better.
  • Make sure they are finished (polished or painted) well, as it helps protect the wood from the outdoor environment.
  • Maintaining wooden fences will increase their longevity.

Tips to Maintaining Wood Through Every Season

Some basic wood boundary fencescare tips are:

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A good, solid fence structure will boost its lifespan.

  • Wood will need periodic staining and sealing – this helps protect the fence’s surfaces.
  • Check the pickets for loosened nails – replace or hammer them back into place.
  • Try to keep the fences as clean as possible – debris that collects on the wooden boards can affect its condition and appearance resulting in early deterioration and decay.
  • Do not grow shrubs or plants very close to the fence, as the debris and falling branches and twigs will damage the fence. Insects from the plantings can also affect certain wood types, so it’s best to trim the branches away from the fence.
  • Make sure that the sprinklers do not spray water on the fence, as that will damage them.
  • Look out for signs of decay or insect damage and fix it before it aggravates.

Always opt for good quality fencing products and hire skilled professionals for the wood boundary fences’ installation. If you are looking for high-quality residential wood fences, contact us for an estimate. Our helpful and knowledgeable team is here to help you make the best choices.

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