New Boundary and Safety Fences for New Babies

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December is a magical time of year for many reasons. We spend more time with family and friends; the cold Colorado weather forces us to stay indoors and enjoy each others company, it’s a time for giving gifts and being merry. December is also the most popular month for babies to be conceived! Life is perhaps the most magical part of December, but all of that magic and joy comes with a whole lot of responsibility, safety being the most obvious.

Luckily, you have nine months to get yourself ready to take care, love, and protect a child. But, time flies, so don’t wait too long before you start baby proofing your home and garden. All of a sudden you look around your home and all you see are dangers for baby. Stairs, stoves, and sharp edges are just a few things that need to be taken into consideration, but at some point, you’re also going to want to take that baby outside for a little fresh air.

safety and boundary fences in Denver

Ameristar’s Montage Plus Pool, Pet, and Play was designed with a reduced space between the pickets that prohibits small dogs and children from easily squeezing through.
Photo courtesy of Ameristar

Wooden and vinyl boundary fences for your Colorado home

You think you have plenty of time before that little nugget starts moving about by himself, but before you know it, he or she is climbing bookshelves, pulling tablecloths off the table, and crawling at lightning speed towards the front gate or the swimming pool. Trust us, we know. As a family owned operation, we’ve had to deal with little Houdini’s trying to escape the playpen and rush towards the one area of the home that is still not safe for children.

When it comes to your outdoor area, we’ve got all the fencing and baby proofing solutions that you need. From classic, solid, beautiful wooden boundary fences to steel fences. We can help you keep your kids in, or out of any area. We’ve even got the finest kennels and pet fencing solutions to keep your kids safe from your pets – or your pets safe from your children.

your style wood gate Denver

Elegant boundary and safety fencing solutions for every Denver, Colorado family.

Privacy and safety fences in Denver area

We can help you spot problem areas in your yard and offer the right fencing solution so that it still looks attractive, but keep your kids safe at the same time. Like enclosing your garbage bin area, putting in a more solid fence so your kids can’t squeeze out onto the street, and, of course, elegant steel fencing solutions for your pools. If there’s one area that you need to be careful of when it comes to kids, it’s your pool and your boundary fence. Keeping your kids out of traffic and out of the deep end should be number one on your “outdoor childproofing list.”

And, if this is your first child, we can even help you install some privacy fences, so your neighbors can’t judge as your clothing becomes more stained with baby food (and more), your hair’s a mess, and your neat little home looks like a bomb just exploded. Like we said, this is a magical time, and with the right fencing, you can breathe a little easier and spend more time getting to know the latest addition to the family.

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