Fall is Here, Time To Winterize Your Kennel For Winter!

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Some parts of Denver have already had a dusting of snow this season.  It is time to prepare your kennel for winter!  Snowstorms, below zero temperatures, and icy winds can harm your dog’s safety and not to mention their discomfort!  Just like humans, they are susceptible to sickness and frostbite if kept too long in the cold.  There are a few things you can do to winterize your kennel to make it a warm, safe haven for your dog.  Boundary Fence and Supply Company gives you tips on how to get your kennel warm enough for your pooch!

How To Winterize Your Kennel Dog

Privacy Fence

A privacy fence can block the kennel from winds if placed strategically on the sides.  If the kennel backs up to a house or to landscaping that would work as a natural barrier, use a privacy fence on the other sides.  When necessary, on particularly cold days, a tarp can be used to enclose the kennel on top, or to close a side of the kennel, if there are not privacy panels all the way around to block wind.    If at all possible, cover outdoor runs or kennels with a tarp if snow or ice is in the forecast.

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel provides a comfortable alternative to concrete during the winter months.  Snow and ice are not so easily accumulated on pea gravel as they do on concrete.  Gravel drains exceptionally well, and the chances of standing water turning to ice is minimal.  After it snows, what is left from the day will re freeze at night on typical concrete or even grass.  Gravel allows the water to drain.   The flexible gravel protects the dog’s pads as well as provides ease for cleaning.

Natural Heat

If you would like to provide heating, consider heating with a natural gas.  The natural gas will produce a drier heat.  A good temperature to keep is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

Dog Box

Having a dog box reinforced with marsh hay bedding will help insulate the dog house.  Make your dog’s bed comfortable, with thick carpet pads, blankets and dog beds.

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