Everything You Need To Know for Summer Lawn Care

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 Lawn Care Treatment for An Environmentally Friendly Lawn with Boundary Fence

Boundary Fence has been in business in Denver for over 41 years.  We love the weather here, although, the heat can take it’s toll on our yards.  With the heat comes lawn disease and issues with growth of grass.  Let Boundary Fence answer or help prevent lawn issues in our two series post on lawn care treatment and lawn disease management for an environmentally friendly yard with tips and prevention ideas!

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Lawn Care Treatment

Less is More!

For the environmentally friendly lawn, keep chemicals at bay.  The Lawn Reform Coalition wants to change the way you care for your lawn.  Their goal is to encourage responsible lawn care and suggest alternative measures for caring for your lawn without compromising our environment.  Over fertilized lawns dependent on chemicals look green, but are not healthy.  Paul Tukey, a coalition member and author of ‘The Organic Lawn Care Manual’ suggests white clover as a healthy alternative for your lawn.  He says it was one of the standard ingredients in lawn seed not long ago.  Clover produces nitrogen the grass needs and outcompetes weeds, helping maintain healthy soil.  Spread a little clover seed on your grass for an earth friendly lawn!

Leave Grass Clippings Behind

Nitrogen is the fertilizer nutrient most used by turf.  Clippings contain nitrogen and other essential nutrients for your lawn.  When returned to the lawn, or left behind by the mower, clippings recycle nutrients in an organic, slow-release form that lends to consistent grass growth.  Another benefit of leaving grass clippings on your yard is that it benefits earthworms and microorganisms that maintain healthy grass and soil.  Plus, you won’t have to bag and haul it away, saving more time to enjoy your patio!

Get Creative When You Mow!

Did you know grass grows in the direction it is cut?  To prevent your lawn from growing in one direction or producing bald spots, vary your mowing direction each time.  This will encourage the grass to grow straighter, appearing thicker.

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