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 Summer Yard Tips to Help your Lawn Look Great

Summer is here, time for backyard barbecue’s and pool parties.  That means it’s also time to get your yard in tip top shape.  You will benefit from it and your neighbors will thank you.  Boundary Fence and Supply Company in Denver has your expert lawn care tips and techniques for maintaining a beautiful summer yard.  Regardless of the type of grass you have, all turfs benefit from regular mowing, care and attention.  Today we will cover the four basic lawn needs: mowing, watering, feeding and weeding.


mowing photo: Lawn-mowing-colorado- springs. Lawn-mowing-colorado-springs.pngMow grass whenever it is growing, given the ground isn’t too wet or icy.  At the beginning of summer, mow once a week with blade at the highest setting.  As growth accelerates, lower the blade.  Be sure to rake off thick patches of clippings, which will damage the grass.  A high quality lawn may need cutting two to three times a week, and in autumn, as growth slows, cut back to once or twice a week.


When there is rain, no need to water as thoroughly as weeks where there is no rain.  Leave established lawns unwatered, but stop mowing because longer grass helps protect the roots.  If the grass turns brown, it will recover once it rains.  Water a new lawn every week in dry spells, until it is established.  If a lawn loses it’s spring when walked on, you know it needs watering.  You can reduce water evaporation by using sprinklers early in the morning or late in the evening.  If using a seep hose, move 8 inches every half hour.


Fertilizing your lawn all depends on your soil.  If your underlying soil is not rich, you can leave your clippings on the lawn, which will help feed the top layer of soil, producing lush green grass.  If your grass has a rich underlying soil, apply granular or liquid lawn fertilizer once a year.  Do not overfeed because it can result in weak growth.  When fertilizing, divide your lawn into grids.  Apply the fertilizer at the rate according to package.  If it doesn’t rain within three days, water it.


Ah, the friendly weeds pop up faster than spam in your email inbox in spring in Denver.  How to control them?  Acidic lawns are prone to weed growth.  You can raise soil pH by applying ground chalk or limestone at a rate of 2 ounces per 10 square foot.  You can also apply lawn weed killer in summer and repeat in early autumn.

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Lawn Maintenance Tips by Boundary Fence and Supply Company

With a properly cared for lawn, you will have a verdant lawn in no time!  Boundary Fence and Supply Company has been in business since 1973, owned and operated by the Unruh family.  Our customers can depend on quality and integrity of service.  We will sell and install the best and repair the rest!  We take pride in our products and customer service.  Your business and satisfaction is important to us, let our expert, professional sales staff provide you with a free estimate, call today!

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