Keeping Fido Cool in Denver’s Summer Heat

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Keeping Pets Cool this Summer
with Kennel Shades and More!

Summer heat in Denver can be brutal, even dangerous for pets kept outdoors.  Boundary Fence in Denver provides outdoor pet enclosures.  Having been in the kennel manufacturing business for over 41 years, we know what is required to keep your pets safe and contained, as well as comfortable!  We can help you keep your pets safe and cool this summer.  Follow our tips below to ensure a cool summer for man’s best friend.

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Provide Shade and Water

Easy enough said, but does your kennel or dog run provide ample shade needed?  Any time your pet is outside, make sure they have protection from heat and sun.  Provide plenty of fresh, cold water.  In middle of summer, add ice to water when possible.  Tree shade is ideal because it doesn’t obstruct air flow.  However, if tree shade is not an option, we provide kennel shades for any outdoor kennel or dog run.


NPet safetyot only do you need to consider cooling your pet from the outside, with shade, but also from the inside.  This is one thing your pet will love you for.  By making iced treats for them, you will provide a simple way to cool their body heat down.  You can make these with peanut butter, or any other favorite food, add some water and freeze.  Your pet would love a popsicle on a hot day and you would have gained ‘The Owner of the Year’ award.  Cool baths are also a good way to lower body temperatures on hot days.puppy fences


Limit Exercise

Keeping exercise to a minimum on extra hot days will prevent your pet from overheating.  Adjusting the intensity or duration of exercise will help moderate their inner core to their body temperature.  Walking or running your pet in the early morning or late evening hours as well as walking them on grass as opposed to asphalt will prevent burning and dehydration.

Slather Them Up!

Dogs and cats with smooth or thin hair and white- colored ears or nose can be susceptible to skin cancers and more sensitive to sun exposure.  To ensure your pet doesn’t get burnt, keep them out of the sun, or slather them up with doggy sunscreen.

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As long as you are proactive about keeping your pet safe and cool, you and your pet will have a most enjoyable summer!  Boundary Fence in Denver can supply any pet fences, dog runs indoor or outdoor kennels you may need.  As well as fencing, we also provide the kennel shades.  Call for your free estimate.  Boundary Fence and Supply Company has been in business since 1973, owned and operated by the Unruh family.  Our customers can depend on quality and integrity of service.  We will sell and install the best and repair the rest!  We take pride in our products and customer service.  Your business and satisfaction is important to us, let our expert, professional sales staff provide you the service you deserve!


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