On the Fence: Tips to Making a Good Decision!

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Each day is plagued with a million crossroads. For the most part, we navigate seamlessly through every decision but every now and then we come to a heart pumping, stomach wrenching, just-can’t-decide fork-in-the-road! You’ve played the various scenarios over and over, but everywhere you look you see green lights and red flags. You are, to put it in “Boundary” terms, sitting on the fence.

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Every time a client can’t decide, more often than not an “I’m on the fence” joke will manifest. It’s alright, we still laugh, it’s all part of being in the fencing industry. But it got us thinking, how do we get to the point where a decision is made because indecision can be debilitating and you don’t want to be sitting on the fence your whole life having never made a decision, taken a chance or risked being wrong.

What’s the best fence for you?

We have so many choices these days that we hardly notice how many times we choose one thing over another, but when it comes to love, life, education, work and finances we sometimes get stuck because the consequences of our choices can seem overwhelming and final.  

The good news is that most decisions are never final. Life goes on, mistakes are made and what doesn’t kill you generally makes you stronger. With that in mind, here are a few ways to help you make the more important decisions of your life so you can get off the fence and live a life of action, not static indecision.

  • Don’t fear – making a big decision can be scary, but you can’t let fear get in your way of decisions. And just because something scares you, doesn’t automatically make it wrong.
  • Trust your gut – more often than not, if you reach deep down into your gut you already know the right decision to make.
  • Research and gather information – You have a whole network of friends, family, and colleagues (not to mention strangers on the internet) who would love to weigh in on your decision. But know when to say when and stop asking for advice. You could get stuck in a never-ending spiral of information gathering.
  • Flip a coin – This one is only good if you like all your options!

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Customized wooden pool gates and fences by Boundary Fence in Denver, COIf your indecision has anything to do with the incredible selection of quality fences that are available to you, the fear not, help is here!

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Making a decision about fencing has never been easier!

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