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 Secrets to Traveling with Pets from Boundary Fence and Supply!

Traveling with pets can be cumbersome and daunting.  Boundary Fence and Supply Company in Denver has some tips for taking your furry friends with you this summer. Having been in the kennel manufacturing business for over 41 years, we know what is required to keep your pets safe and contained, as well as comfortable while traveling!  With our tips, your summer travel will be a breeze!

Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Horizon

Flying in itself can be stressful, double that when bringing a pet.  Although, knowing ahead of time what is expected, and being prepared for your four-legged friend can make it much more enjoyable!  Before traveling, be sure your pet is caught up on all vaccines and certifications from your vet.  Call your airline and let them know you are bringing your pet either in cargo or in the cabin and ask for their restrictions or policies.  Each airline differs. Prepare your kennel beforehand, be sure your pet has room to turn around and stand without hitting it’s head.  The USDA requires food and water dishes and a ‘Live Animal’ sticker, upright arrows and bedding.Off into the road

Road Trip!!!

It is recommended, before beginning a long road trip to ‘experiment’ with your pet and take them on a shorter drive to see how they respond.  While in the car, it is best to keep your pet contained, for your safety while driving and it’s own safety in case of accident.  The ASPCA strongly encourages dogs to keep it’s head inside the window, as the wind could cause ear damage or expose your pet to lung infections.  It’s best to plan for stops every 2 to 3 hours for your pet to use the restroom and get a little energy out.  Keep water on hand to ensure your pet gets plenty of hydration.  Never ever leave your pet alone in a car with temperatures above 85 degrees.  The inside of a car can reach up to 115 degrees within minutes, which can cause heat strokes or death.  So, keep your pets with you when traveling or in an air-conditioned space when you leave them!

Pet tips for travelGeneral Travel Tips

Playing with your pet before you leave will tire them out and the more likely it is for them to sleep during traveling.

Try lavender oil on your hands when feeding or putting them in their kennel for traveling.  The smell will calm them down and help them remain relaxed.

Keep a familiar blanket or toy in the kennel with your pet, to help them feel more comfortable.


Come Get Your Portable Kennel at Boundary Fence for Summer Travels!

Boundary Fence in Denver can supply any pet indoor, outdoor or portable kennels, fences, or dog runs you may need.  Call for your free estimate.  Boundary Fence and Supply Company has been in business since 1973, owned and operated by the Unruh family.  Our customers can depend on quality and integrity of service.  We will sell and install the best and repair the rest!  We take pride in our products and customer service.  Your business and satisfaction is important to us, let our expert, professional sales staff provide you the service you deserve!

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