What to Know Before Building a Wood Fence

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Wood fences are classic. They evoke a feeling of comfort and warmth and often bring back fond memories of places visited. They are beautiful, too. A wood fence has character and beauty that can’t be matched by other fence materials. They’re also versatile, with a wide range of looks and styles available. But a wood fence isn’t for everyone. Before building a wood fence, there are certain things that a person needs to be aware of.

Building a Wood Fence

Split Rail Fence

A wood fence can be a beautiful way to enhance privacy.

When building a wood fence, you should be aware of the maintenance requirements. If you opt to stain your residential fence, it will likely last longer, but you’ll need to spend time every year or two to put a new coat of stain on the fence. If you decide to leave your fence in its natural state, you will need to monitor it for wear and replace boards as they break or rot. In time, you will also have to repair and replace boards on a stained fence too.

Wood fences can be affected by the weather more than metal fences. In shady and damp areas, you may notice that moisture is causing rot issues, or that moss has started to grow on the fence. In sunny areas, the sun will dry out the wood, leading to cracks. Over time, the sun will also fade the wood.

Wood changes over time. It will turn grey or dull from weathering, and it may start to crack if it gets dried out. Some people like this aged wood look, but others find it to be a problem.

When properly cared for, a wood fence can last for many years. The key to a long-lasting fence is proper maintenance, which is often simply a coat of stain or paint, and replacing the occasional board every few years once your fence starts to get old.

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