Creating a Magical White Garden with Boundary Fence

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 Boundary Fence and Supply Adds Charm to Your Yard!

Every yard needs a little charm. Like a string of pearls, or a perfectly placed bouquet of white roses, white gardens are a timeless classic and add instant charm to any piece of real estate. Boundary Fence and Supply can help you spruce up your property, all it takes is a little white! You’ll see ideas for plants and how to arrange them. Look at what we can do with a white fence, or what you can create with white flowers or other elements for immediate sophistication. See what a little white can do to your yard!

Welcoming White

Your garden doesn’t have to be large to make a sophisticated impact. Try planting white blooming plants or trees next to your home’s entrance. This will highlight the door and pathway in the evening and at night. Hydrangeas are perfect to create a more formal look, particularly lining a walkway. If your entrance is shady, white astilbe is your key. This is an easy to grow perennial, brightening the shadiest of areas.

fence and supplies DenverWhite Fencing

A low white fence in front of a home is timeless and evokes a charming ambiance surrounding your home. It instantly sets apart your yard, creating a more intimate garden or patio area for dining, relaxation or just for a charming view! One can dress the fence with mounding perennials for a playful casual look, trimmed boxwoods for a more formal English garden look, or roses for a softer design along the perimeter of the home. During the holiday season, dressing the fence with green or all white lights will lend to the holiday flare!


Wooden fences

Mark your property with a stunning focal point. Arbors can add curb appeal or provide a backyard hiatus. Traditionally made from wood, and painted white, they can be placed on the side yard, entering into the back yard, or placed in the back yard in a corner with bench seating or a patio set underneath. Add some lights and you have a perfect setup for evening entertaining. Other options for arbors include a metal arbor made from wire and framed with climbing white roses.

White Patio Furniture

Perhaps all your garden needs is a focal point with white furniture. A white bench or a pair of white chairs adds simplicity and elegance. Place along a hedge or border for a welcoming respite from daily activities.   One of the benefits of white is that it goes with everything. From a hammock to white wicker furniture, creating a pop of white against the green of the yard will create a place for the eye to rest, and hopefully you as well!

Come Get Your Fencing Needs at Boundary Fence and Supply Company!

Now that you have some ideas on how to work some white gardening magic into your yard, contact us for a free estimate for any fencing needs! Boundary Fence and Supply in Denver has been in business since 1973, owned and operated by the Unruh family. Our customers can depend on quality and integrity of service. We will sell and install the best and repair the rest! We take pride in our products and customer service. Your business and satisfaction is important to us, let our expert, professional sales staff provide you with a free estimate, call today!

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