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Commercial and Residential Gates for Driveway Gates

Boundary Fence and Supply in Denver has been producing high quality gates and fences for over 41 years.  Whether residential or commercial, we have provided solutions for highly satisfied customers.  One of which is Costco, we recently completed an 8 foot tall rolling gate which they were very happy with!  What are your fencing and gate needs?  Let us help meet them!  Below are a few designs and options to spur creativity for what we offer!

costco gate

Rolling Driveway Gates

Rolling gates offer efficient entry options to residential or commercial clients.   Boundary Fence can create custom gates built to your measurements.  Rolling or sliding gates are revolutionary in safety and design offering function and security in a custom solution.  If you have space restrictions, sliding gates are your answer!  Swing gates require a large space to open into.  Sliding gates can open and close along the fence line, a perfect solution for properties that don’t have a lot of depth.  Roll gates ride along a track and have a wheel carriage rolling on the ground at the front edge of the gate.

Swing Driveway Gates

Swing gates are available as a single or double gate.  Single swing gates are the most economical solution for a swing gate, and are most common for pedestrian areas.  Single swing gates typically need a width of 16 feet to operate.  Although, gates wider than 16 feet do exist and can be installed!  One of the options in a swing gate is choosing which direction for the gate to swing.  Swinging into your property is most preferred.  However, due to space constrictions and grade of property, it may be necessary to have gates swing out.  Double swing gates are usually for vehicle traffic and available in whatever size you need.

Cantilever Gates

View of 4 in. Post for DD Gate

Cantilever gates do not have any wheels on the ground, and are not impeded by anything on the ground that would prohibit movement.  The wheels are on a vertical post on one side of the gate.  The gate then fits in between those wheels.  The wheels pull or push the gate open or closed.  Our professional gate installers will advise you on the best option for your property in your free estimate!

Call For Your Free Estimate For Your New Driveway Gate!

40' Double Drive Chain Link Gate

Boundary Fence and Supply Company has been in business since 1973, owned and operated by the Unruh family.  Our customers can depend on quality and integrity of service.  We will sell and install the best and repair the rest!  We take pride in our products and customer service.  Your business and satisfaction is important to us, let our expert, professional sales staff provide you with a free fence estimate, call today!

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