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Boundary Fence and Supply Company Dumpster and Utility Enclosures

Out of Sight, Out of Mind!

Do you have an eyesore that needs to be hidden?  Just as the old saying goes, ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ those unsightly dumpsters or utilitarian boxes need to be forgotten!  Does your ground need to take back some dignity?  Boundary Fence and Supply Company can help!  With over 41 years of service, our expert, professional sales staff provides quality service and can provide materials and installation for any fencing need!  We set the standard in residential, commercial, and industrial fencing.  So, whether your eyesore is residential or commercial, we have the answer for you!  Below are different options for fencing installations so the eyesore can become a thing of beauty!

Wooden fences

Cedar Fences

Most dumpster enclosures are typically made out of cedar.  When using cedar, we recommend the use of galvanized steel posts to improve the durability.  If the enclosure gate will be used frequently, we typically  build the gates with a welded steel frame, which is only visible from the rear of the gate, not the front.  The posts can be pressure treated wood or galvanized steel.  Cedar posts can be used, however, due to frequent use and abuse the dumpsters face, it isn’t recommended.

Privacy Slats in Chain Link FenceChain Link Fence

When attempting to cover an eyesore with a chain link fence, vinyl privacy slats are used.  These are available in multiple colors and are the most economical option to hide an unsightly object.  Chain link fences are great options to cover tall dumpsters or equally tall utility boxes.

Decorative Fencing

When considering how to hide the unsightly mess, consider something decorative!  What you can dream, we can build!  Our gate shop can custom build made to fit gates for any size or location.  Think outside the box, literally!  Our skilled craftsman can custom design decorative aluminum or prefabricated dumpster enclosures to help your dump disappear!  This isn’t just limited to dumpsters, however!  Warehouse security, machinery enclosures, power box, gas tank enclosures, and kennels are just a few items we can build a custom enclosure around.


Double Drive Gate

Hide Dumpster and Utility Enclosures with our Fences and Supplies

Boundary Fence and Supply Company can build to accommodate all your fencing needs.  Our customers can depend on quality service.  Established in 1973, we are located in Denver, Colorado and still owned and operated by Darrell and Kathi Unruh.  Because we are family owned and operated, we take pride in the quality of our products and in the service we provide.  Our company is licensed and insured.  We also make sure all city permits are obtained when necessary.  Call us for a free estimate today!

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