Three Ways to Cool Your Backyard (and Yourself) This Summer!

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How To Cool your Backyard with Boundary Fence!

Does the thought of hanging out in your back yard make you break into a sweat?  Does the heat make you run indoors?  Let Boundary Fence and Supply Company provide a few cool solutions for you in this two part series on cooling your yard.  Boundary Fence in Denver has been in the fencing and supplies business for over 41 years.  We know how to create a backyard escape with the right fencing.  We also know that having an oasis on your patio takes a little more than fencing.  We are here to provide productive solutions to create the enviable yard you want!

Backyard Misters

Not as in a Mr. that stands around and spritzes you with a water bottle, although that would be nice, but the overhead misting systems often used in patio settings.  There are many different models of misting systems.  You may have experienced a misting system that made you feel you were taking a shower.  Those misting systems produce water droplets so large they cannot evaporate quickly.  The newer systems emit droplets half the size and at a higher water pressure that will provide the cooling effect without making you appear like you ran through the sprinklers.  Misters can also be installed on the ground, not just overhead to send the cool air upward instead of only cooling from the top down.

LandscapingPlants that trive in Denver

Believe it or not, landscaping can alter the temperature of your yard or patio! You can reduce surface heat in your yard by 10 degrees by adding grass, bark, wood chips or vinyl decking in place of gravel, concrete or pavers.  Strategically planted trees, around your home or patio provide shade and cools the air through water vapor released during photosynthesis.  The California Energy Commission has reported that outdoor plants around a home can drop the temperature in the area by as much as nine degrees.  In part two of this series, we will discuss the best shade tree’s for Denver!

Add a Pond or Water Feature

outdoor lighting 2

Just hearing the sound of water cools one mentally.  According to Paul Holdeman of Pond Gnome in Peoria, if you plant native trees around a pond in your yard and add plants, you can create a microclimate that is 10 degrees cooler!  Surprisingly, you don’t need a lot of space to introduce a water feature to your yard.  You can make or purchase one in most any size.

Contact Boundary Fence and Supply to Provide Your Fencing Needs for your Backyard Oasis!

You can always call Boundary Fence and Supply Company for free estimates, and our associates will work with you to fulfill all of your outdoor fencing needs.  Our customers can depend on quality of supplies and business integrity.  We set the standard in residential, commercial, and industrial fencing.  We look forward to serving you and meeting all your fencing needs to create that cooling backyard space for your family!

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